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Tough Stump Technologies is a Veteran-Owned Small Business with over 150 years of combined experience in remote sensing technology, small unit tactics, SUAS operations, and air-to-ground integration. In addition to product testing and development, Tough Stump helps teams solve complex problems by integrating the latest technology into scenario-based training courses.

Tough Stump is now also an official reseller of goTenna Pro — the world’s smallest, lightest, and most cost-effective tactical communications system. goTenna Pro and Pro X tactical-grade mesh networking radio devices pair with any iOS or Android smartphone to enable fully off-grid collaborative mapping, messaging, and personnel tracking even when cell, wifi, and satellite systems are unavailable.

“As a company led and owned by veterans, our service to others is our primary driving force. We look for best-in-class technology like goTenna Pro that is proven to deliver in the most challenging situations.”

— Zeb Jaillet, Program Manager SUAS & Tactical Networking, Tough Stump Technologies

WATCH EPISODE 001: Using the goTenna Pro X TAK Plugin Spectrum Analyzer Tool

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Please note: goTenna Pro tactical radios are subject to FCC Part 90 licenses and frequency rules in the U.S. The purchaser is responsible for securing approved radio frequency licenses in compliance with FCC rules in U.S., or similar rules in international markets.